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Fat bastard wines

In order to produce high quality, fruit driven, food friendly wines, the winemaker sources grapes from several vineyards throughout the Languedoc region of Southern France. Our long standing relationship with the growers in the region has ensured consistently excellent quality for each Fat bastard varietal, vintage after vintage. All of our selections come from vineyards within the districts of Gard, Hérault, and Aude.

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Within the Gard district the Fat bastard vineyards are located along the Rhone River. In this area you will find low yielding hillside vineyards with clay and limestone soil. The climate tends to be hot but is moderated by the strong winds coming from the north, called Mistral. The results are very ripe fruit character wines with lots of aromas and big, round flavors on the palate.

france In the Haute Valley de L'Aude, the altitude is higher and the climate much cooler. The various influences from the ocean, the Mediterranean, and from the Pyrenees Mountains create more of a late ripening area. In the Hérault the sandy soils are deeper and yields are always a bit higher compared to anywhere else. In this region the wines have really pure varietal character, are well balanced with a lot of fruit and white flower character, like acacia, for the Chardonnay. As a result, wines from this region are crisper, fresh, with higher acid, with less alcohol, and more mineral characters.

By combining the best characteristics of the vineyards throughout the region, we are able to craft the outstanding quality and consistent Fat bastard wines that millions of people have enjoyed around the world.