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Living Large: Share your Fat bastard stories!

Here's to the In-Laws

I first saw Fat bastard in a NJ store when I was sent out by my wife to buy a bottle of wine to take to her sister and brother-in-law's and house for dinner. We were not getting along well with them at the time and I bought Fat bastard as a joke. When I got home, I showed my wife my "selection" and asked her, "Do you think this wine would be a problem?" She nearly fainted and started yelling at me, asking if I had completely lost my mind. I guess the answer was, "yes!"

I did buy a more politically-correct named wine which we brought to dinner and I kept the bottle of Fat bastard for myself! When I finally drank it I was amazed how good it was. I have purchased several bottles since and am a big fan of the Fat bastard.
-- John, New Jersey

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