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Living Large: Share your Fat bastard stories!

The Break-up

I just wanted to share a little story; I bought a bottle of Fat bastard because of the name. I took it to my boyfriend's house to enjoy with dinner, and well, we ended up getting into a huge fight! I left in a rush, forgetting the bottle was in the fridge.

The more I fumed over the argument, the more I thought about the bottle I'd left behind. So I called him in a fury and told him he should never call me again, "Lose my number! And by the way, go read the label on the wine in the fridge; it's made especially for you!"

So, thanks for a great break up story! I've shared is all throughout my office and now we are going to celebrate by having a Fat bastard party and taste through the different Fat bastard wines.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

-- Monica

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