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Fat bastard saves the day!

On a family vacation in Florida, my wife and sister-in-law went to the store for groceries and wine. Upon return to the condo, my wife was carrying the grocery bags and my sister-in-law was taking charge of the wine. My sister-in-law tripped on the steps and broke the two bottles of wine that she was carrying. Of course that made a big mess, and the two of them spent about 40 minutes cleaning up the wine and broken glass. Later that day my wife sent me back to the store for something that they forgot to buy. Feeling sorry for them, I went to the wine section and started looking at all the wine. When I saw Fat bastard I laughed and thought to myself that it was Fat bastard that made my sister-in-law trip, so I bought a bottle of Fat bastard Merlot. When I got back I handed the bottle of Fat bastard to my sister-in-law. We all had a good laugh and I have to tell you they loved Fat bastard! So as my wife said, "It was Fat bastard who saved the day!"
-- Unknown

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